Preparing the Namibia 2020 expedition


These days we are busy to prepare the unforgettable trip to the Tsoa Tsoa land - Namibia. 

For more details email us here and we shall gladly share our program ,days and pricing.

This expedition is for all level photographers. Prepare for some adventure

What about a trip of Your lifetime ? Let's invite you to our international 19-days long photo expedition TsoaTsoa DESERT DREAM taking you through the wilderness of south west Africa into a world of ultimate visual beauty.

Your hosts will be Jana Vaňourková, a Czech-born photographer and her Dutch husband Paul. Their souls reside in Africa.


On the West coast you will find approximately 60% of the African flamingo population. To the East is the Kalahari desert, home to the oldest tribe in the world - the Bushmen. In this vast terrain there are few places with television or gsm reception, your neighbour may be tens to hundreds of kilometers away from you. Out of sugar? - you're in for a drive..  

Off-road Expedition in Namibia will consist of max. 4 couples. Each couple will be driving their own 4x4 vehicle. Most of the journey we shall drive on unpaved roads. Paul, who is an experienced off-road driver, will be working closely with the participants to help with the specifics of off-road driving. Each day plenty of time for photography. All group members will meet in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, this is where we will pick-up the terrain vehicles and get familiarized with them. During the first week we go SOUTH, will be focusing on the Kalahari and Namib deserts and get used to drive off road.. We will have access to private properties with beautiful views; we will meet locals and have chance to interact with them. During the second week we will set off to the wild NORTH to photograph the precious wildlife.