So I already made it up. She greeted me vigorously today.

And what ?

Well, how we get out of here.

And why ?

Well, because if we were to stay, I'd be dying here.

And how do you want to do it ?

Well, first I have to deal with the peeing. I could do that in 3 days. And then we could leave. .What are you writing ??

I repeat her words. You see,  I'm taking notes, Alzheimer's is creeping up on me too.

Did I tell you that now? .. Oh well ... And we would go on a motorbike. First stop will be at the store, I really need to buy slippers.

But mom, I can't drive a motorcycle and I don't even have one at home...

Her big eyes were full of surprise and disappointment as she stared at me intensely. 94 years old and barely 35 kilos, my dearest mom. Was her clever plan to escape from the nursing home really thwarted just so easily ?