Do you believe in magic ?


When you experience something unusual, which apparently cannot be logically explained (yet), do you think that it is proof of the existence of an almighty God (there is something between heaven and earth, we hear it often) or are you critical, skeptical and convinced that one day in the future such an experience surely can be explained scientifically?

I was brought up without belief in God, physics and natural phenomena, laws are my bible. As e.g. quantum physics is full of magic. I love puzzles, the unknown, the supernatural. I am also open to theories about extraterrestrials visiting our Earth. I read a lot about it, I own quite a number of books on this topic and in addition, I attract magical experiences.

I have 3 witnesses to this one from long time ago.

It is Christmas 2000 and my husband and I are visiting my parents at their cottage in Janůvky, a tiny village in Bohemian mountains. It's white outside, the snow is falling quietly, and I'm reading by the fireplace. The book, a Christmas present, is describing situations in which some individuals can influence the electrical system, for example, they can turn off street lamps or their presence disrupts electrical devices, etc. Others have a magnetic field in them so strong that metal objects stick to them like a magnet. The stories in the book fascinate me. The examples are illustrated, there are also a few photographs. I don't care at that point if it's guaranteed news or if the writer's imagination has run wild. Here in the warmth of my home by the fireplace, surrounded by my family, I let myself drift into another, magical world. I just feel light of heart.

On New Year's Eve we have an invitation from friends to visit the Beskydy Mountains, 2.5 hour drive from here. Nearly no automobiles passed us along the way. The smaller roads we traveled were covered in snow. On the last day of the year, the roads were typically not maintained. It is becoming dark when we arrive at their cottage outside of the village in the afternoon.  It's beautifully white here again, snowflakes are still falling outside the windows. .

We finish our dinner and after the New Year's toast we go to the village for a walk. We won't meet a single living person, we're the only ones out there. All the locals are warm at home and maybe already asleep. In 2000, pyrotechnics for New Year's fireworks were not available, nor were houses lit up with rich Christmas decorations. It is dark in the village, only the streetlights are on. It is snowing, huge flakes are falling slowly. Ghost Hour.

This mysterious atmosphere is perfect for the theme of dark forces. So I'm explaining to everyone about the wonderful book I just finished reading. And so, at the request of the group, I describe in detail how some people are capable of turning off the streetlights, the lamps they are passing under, while walking through the city. At that moment I am walking hand in hand with my husband in the cone light of an urban lamp when the light goes out. After a few more steps we all stop. Nobody wants to believe it. We all get goosebumps. Is it real ?

We look around, yes, we are really at the only lamp that is not lit. Lamps in front of us and behind us cast light on the falling snowflakes. So the power line in the village is not interrupted. After a moment of silence, someone said to me - if you know how to turn off a lamp, you probably know how to turn it back on. So go and do it, please - Okay, I turned and moved forward. As I did so, a stream of light struck me as I passed under the lamp.  I did it, I lit the lamp again !

Without saying a word, I took hold of my husband's arm and we all swiftly began to make our way home. Could not wait to leave the magical forces outside in the chilly, dark night and feel safe in the security of a warm and light house.

 I am finishing this story at 0:00 a.m. exactly. The clock just strikes midnight. Good night.